The city of Shawnee, which sits just outside of Kansas City and is described as being a “tight-knit community and a great place to do business” will be the next to get Google Fiber. The news comes as the Shawnee City Council has given their approval. While Google Fiber will be coming for those in Shawnee, the one catch is that a roll-out date has yet to be revealed.

In fact, as of now Google has said they still have “a lot of planning and engineering work” ahead of them. Basically, as of now there isn’t any estimate as to when Fiber will actually be available for those in Shawnee. Still, we suspect those in Shawnee have already begun dreaming about how nice the speeds will be once Fiber arrives.

As to how or why Shawnee was picked seems to come down to how they already had a focus on digital and the internet. In the announcement Google talked about how Shawnee had recently modernized the city website and added everything from streaming audio of the city council meetings to crime maps and fiscal reports. As a result, Google said Shawnee is a “great example of how access to information via the web can help make communities stronger.”

Otherwise, aside from the upcoming availability for Shawnee, Google Fiber has also been announced for Kansas City as well as Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah. Taking a look at the Kansas City pricing and we see Gigabit Internet available for $70 per month and Gigabit Internet + TV available for $120 per month.

[via Google Fiber Blog]