Don’t get your hopes up yet, but people outside of the US might be getting a real treat soon. If the Chromecast app is taken as an indicator, Google‘s streaming dongle might be available in the UK and Canada in the near future.

Aside from a few services such as Hulu Plus and Netflix announcing support for the device, it has been quite a while since we’ve received any news or rumor about Google’s Chromecast dongle. The last software update was a good month ago and contained nothing really new. And while the device was put back in stock in September, the hype and furor around it has seemingly settled down.

It remains to be seen if this new speculation will revive interest to previous levels, but it’s still some welcome news, at least if it all pans out. Apparently, the Chromecast app for Android and iOS has recently become available for installation in the UK and Canada. Of course, it might not be a telltale sign, but it gives a sliver of hope that the Chromecast device would soon be expanding its scope to countries outside the US.

It’s all speculation, with a pinch of wishful thinking, for now. It would definitely be nice to have Chromecast officially available to more territories, but Google has so far been silent, if not vague, on its plans. Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse of what it has in mind at the mysterious Google Play event scheduled on October 24.

VIA: Android Authority