When Google announced their Chromecast media-streaming dongle back at the end of July, it was met with tons of excitement. So much in fact, that they’ve been having a rather tough time keeping it in stock. It’s been sold out and in and out of the Google Play Store for a few months, not to mention Amazon and Best Buy having the same troubles. Today though, Google finally has more.

Due to a quick note from a few eagle-eyed readers (thanks for the tip, guys) it appears that Google finally has plenty of the Chromecast magical dongle back in stock. They’ve arrived for the standard and awesome $35 price tag, and shipping is even listed as 1-2 days. Which means they finally have things sorted out and can get these out the next day.

Amazon has been shipping thousands out and their shipping estimates are still a few weeks out, and this week Best Buy finally received a steady supply of the hot item as well. For all you tech enthusiasts, $35 for this thing makes it an instant buy, and that remains true today.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.22.43 AM

While we’re still waiting for Google to officially release the API limits so developers can release their apps, just know that many are working hard at developing awesome uses for the device. Koush, in particular, has some great apps that will allow for local streaming from your smartphone, dropbox, and more. And we even highlighted streaming right from a PC or laptop last month. Hit the links below in the timeline for more on Chromecast, and grab one from Google right this minute.

VIA: Play Store