It looks like Google has begun sending out some invitations. The event is set to take place next week, on October 24th and in New York City. The catch is, while we are hoping to see the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Kit Kat — this event appears focused on Google Play. In fact, the announcement mentions a “night out with Google Play” with further talk of music, movies, games and a special performance.

Sadly, that special performance isn’t specifically listed as being Nexus 5 or Kit Kat related. To that point, it was said the special guest will be Capital Cities. Anyway, as we often see with these types of event invites, the details are light and that leads to some speculation. Or in this case, the hope the Nexus 5 is made official.

Touching on the bit about this being “a night out with Google Play event” and there is potential to see the Nexus 5 and Kit Kat. After all, as we saw back in July with the ‘Breakfast with Sundar’ event, the name didn’t exactly spill all the details. That is to say this seems to fit the pattern we saw in July — a mysterious title and an announcement.


But again, all we can say for certain is this event will be focused on Google Play. While we hope this not be the case, it could have nothing to do with Nexus or Kit Kat. That all being said, one thing we can say for sure, there will certainly be one difference compared to the July event — Hugo Barra will not be unveiling the Nexus 5 as he did with the Nexus 7.