Netflix has begun rolling out an update to their app via the Play Store. With the update, users will get a refreshed UI that will be more than a bit familiar, and the overall feel has been revamped. It will also feature improved Chromecast lock screen capabilities.

The UI improvements coincide with Google’s new app design, with a slide-out menu from the left and familiar three-dot menu on the top right for settings and such. The old app had a “browse” button on the top left, but it was clunky and difficult to navigate. The update is cleaner, and shows Netflix is paying attention to mobile.

The overall look and feel receive a fresh look, with nothing major occurring. This is simply re-sizing of icons and such, so nothing big to report. Android Police is reporting that scrolling has improved, which is a welcome change to the often jittery experience that occupies previous versions.

As for the Chromecast experience, it’s much improved. The lock screen widget, meant for controlling the action while your device is asleep, will no longer take up the entire screen. Rather than cause us to have to navigate past it, it will rest above the unlock function, much like Play Music does.

This is all really welcome, and may just show that Netflix is really supporting Android and Chromecast. The update is rolling out incrementally to users now, with the process having started today. We expect to see it finished by the beginning of the week, so be on the lookout for it on your device.