So Google’s entry to the digital voice assistant wars – that is, Google Assistant – just arrived on the OnePlus 3. This means that OnePlus 3 users are getting the same digital assistant capabilities as with the Google Pixel. OnePlus recently announced this via a tweet.

If you remember Google Assistant, the mothership was hyping this as a huge upgrade to Google Now – a deep learning AI embedded into your voice activated search. Also, Google made sure that Google Assistant understood natural sounding conversation better than Google Now did.

With the rollout of Android 7.1.1 to the OnePlus 3, it seems that most people didn’t notice that they now had Google Assistant integrated, so good old OnePlus support encouraged them via Twitter. Of course, people still activated the digital assistant via the “Ok Google” trigger, only that it was Google Assistant that got activated instead of Google Now.

To get Google Assistant, make sure that you’ve installed the recent software updates for the OnePlus 3. Some people are asking if the OnePlus 2 is ever going to get Google Assistant, but that phone hasn’t even been upgraded to Nougat yet, so a bit more waiting, yes?

SOURCE: @OnePlus