Many of you may not know much about App Inventor. This was a tool that was very exciting when it was first announced by Google Labs and it was made available to the public last December in a beta test. Basically Google created a program that would help users with zero coding skills or knowledge of any sort to build Android applications using the App Inventor tool. This was one of many great things that came from Google Labs.

Back in March App Inventor was still plenty active and received a huge update that basically allowed users to use visual blocks and App Inventors user interface to build high quality apps. We saw things like Whack-a-mole and many Wallpaper gallery type apps all appear from the Inventor. It appears all good things must come to an end and Google Labs will be closing down along with App Inventor.

Back in July Google announced they were going to close Google Labs which was testing all sorts of crazy idea’s from the App Inventor to Google Goggles and more. While it still required a creative mind many were able to build great apps with AI and it is sad to see it closing down. Google said the site will remain active for the next 90 days and slowly come to and end.

Things wont stop there, Google has agreed to open source the Google Labs App Inventor code so hopefully the amazing developer community we all know and love here in the Android world can make something that was great, even better. While Google Labs and AI aren’t gone forever the resources behind them will be focusing on other things so don’t worry all my padawan learners, there is plenty more coming from Google in the days ahead.

[via Google Labs]



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