Google and Nest aren’t synonymous yet but the tech giant also got a hold of the company known for its thermostats. We don’t know exactly what are Google’s plans for Nest but we know it will continue to make an impact in the mobile and smart home industry. Nest isn’t just about thermostats. It has also ventured into the smart home game with doorbells and security cameras. In the near future, we may soon be able to enjoy a smart screen powered by the Google Assistant. It will be more like a smart display similar to a few ones we’ve seen recently from Lenovo, LG, or ARCHOS.

There is no confirmation yet but we’re looking at a concept similar to an Echo Show by Amazon. If and when it’s true, then this Google Home Smart Display will be way intelligent. Smarter than Google Home? Maybe. And with a screen, it will be more than useful.

Rumor has it Google has been working on the smart home device for about a month now. There have been talks both teams from Google hardware and Nest are working to advance the Google Assistant technology by combining services, software, and hardware.

One possible proof is a job listing for a UX Design Manager by Google. The position requires “visual design, interaction design, industrial design, writing, audio design, prototyping, and research”. There’s also a need for a Video Embedded Engineer, Machine Learning Software Engineer, and Software Engineer – Predictions. Google may only be looking for new people for the Nest division but it can always utilize them on other products and services so we’ll see.

VIA: SlashGear