The idea of smart glasses from Google first came about in 2012 when Larry Page showed off the Project Glass. He snapped a photo using the pair and the company soon started stacking up patents to protect the technology. Soon, sample videos and photos were revealed until testing was done and the official launch happened. Project Glass was soon known as the Google Glass which actually was released in different versions over the years. The last related update we featured was the Glass Enterprise Edition being back and being used in many industries in 2017.

It’s been over two years since we heard anything about Google Glass. We first sighted a working Google Glass Enterprise Edition being sold on eBay as early as 2016. It was immediately confirmed by a website and was soon used for many industries.

The next Glass offering is this Glass Enterprise Edition 2 said to be a faster and more helpful model. We haven’t really heard much about the new pair of Glass but the Enterprise Edition is really special as it helps employees in different industries already.

From field services to manufacturing to logistics, many workers can benefit from the Glass Enterprise because each pair provides hands-free access to many tools and information needed for work.

The Glass Enterprise Edition is used to access to view instructions, access checklists, and send inspection photos or videos. It allows more productivity to anyone from any industry or field.

The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is the next-generation model and is definitely an improved version because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform, new artificial intelligence, better multicore CPU, enhanced camera performance, plus easier integration with other services and APIs.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 can now be used with Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management for a more efficient workflow. Google has teamed up with many big tech brands to provide efficiency to customers.

Google aims to bring more powerful and helpful tools. The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is just another addition to the many solutions the tech giant can offer to the industry.


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