How many puzzle or pirate-themed games have you played? We’re guessing not many but this ‘Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure Matching Puzzle’ could be a new favorite. As with most match-3 mobile games, this one can be addicting like that Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game, Angry Birds Match, and Homescapes. But most importantly, kids who love pirates will enjoy setting sail to finish each level.

You’ll need to walk the plank and do other pirate-y tasks such as construct gold mines, build mighty ships, and rob wealthy ports–all for those loots.

There will be a lot of swapping and matching of gems to complete one level. To help you finish fast, there are power-ups and special boosters. And oh, you will be hauling a lot of loots with your mates.

The puzzle game is free to download but in-app purchases are also available. There are more than ten chapters to finish here so prepare to build those ships, assemble the best crew, and build ships.

In this game, you don’t have to be alone because you can play with your mateys. You will be capturing a lot of loot. Just prove that you can outdo your mates.

Download Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure Matching Puzzle from the Google Play Store


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