The extremely popular game developers everyone should know plenty about, Gameloft, today has just announced that their number one first person shooter for Android and iOS will soon be free. Brothers in Arms: Global Front will soon be “Global Front Free+” and will be available to everyone on both platforms completely free. Originally $4.99 from this is one of those games if you haven’t played for mobile, you should.

Gameloft has been busy releasing all sorts of amazing games for mobile and recently has been closely focused on Android. We’ve been seeing deals every few weeks from Gameloft like Labor Day and Back to school deals and more. They are slowly realizing having only a few of their awesome games actually in the official Android Market and the rest being only available at their own online store, deals and free games like this will be a good way to get people excited about their current and future releases.

The game I’m most excited about is Modern Combat 3 coming this fall, but for now I’ll be plenty happy playing Brothers in Arms 2 completely free. BIA2: Global Front FREE+ features 8 campaigns across the globe, 5 locations, multiplayer with up to 5 friends. With 3 different vehicles and tons of available weapons this truly is one of the better FPS options available for Android. The graphics might not be as amazing as, say, ShadowGun but the gameplay is pretty stellar and the community and multiplayer alone make this a great deal. Now that they’ll be offering it free there is no reason not to give it a try.

The details were revealed earlier today over on Twitter by @GameloftAndroid and for now all we have is the exciting video preview above, and the tweet. No official launch date for the free game has been announced but we should know more soon.