Gameloft has just unveiled the first teaser trailer for the brand new and upcoming first person shooter (FPS) game for Android and iOS. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation will be coming to Android this fall according to @GameloftAndroid. From the video they’ve provided the game looks awesome, and so does its graphics and I can’t wait to play it. For more details head on past the break and check out the awesome video for this stellar new Android game.

Before we get into it I’ll post the video to get all you gamers excited about this upcoming shooter. It will have multiplayer support and tons of levels so I can’t wait to give it a try. Hopefully it doesn’t launch first on the Xperia Play and then make us all wait a few months, because that would not be cool.

Gameloft is calling Modern Combat 3 the best, most realistic smartphone FPS series to date and from the video above that statements looks to be pretty accurate. Those graphics look amazing and I just wish we could get some Tegra optimized versions of the awesome games from Gameloft, but that is wishful thinking.

With 13 amazing single player missions, multiplayer support with up to 12 friends and more this will most likely be another excellent game from Gameloft. Hopefully it doesn’t slowly roll out in stages and eventually make it to each device like some games in the past. Stay tuned for more details.

[via Twitter]