Samsung Galaxy S21 Series with S Pen Concept Image Only

There will still be a Galaxy Note 21. Samsung did not make an official confirmation or announcement yet but some related information surfaced on Twitter over the weekend. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has also been confirmed to come with S-Pen support. It will be available in the first half of next year as usual. The Galaxy Note series will only be out in one variant as “Samsung is planning to reduce the market share of the Note” according to our source.

Cozyplanes (@cozyplanes) said, “S21U S-Pen support + digitizer has started production. Due to S21U being released in the first half of 2021, Note will be released in only one (1) model.” It also mentioned foldable’s production will be increased. We’ve been saying we’re not sure about the fate of the Galaxy Note 21 but now we’re learning about its availability.

The Note series will remain but the Galaxy S21 Ultra will definitely come with S Pen support. This means the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Note 21 will have something in common. Samsung is said to have already placed orders for digitizers.

Samsung is in the process of changing its business strategies. It is still number one in the mobile market. For a while, Huawei has overtaken in the second quarter but Samsung is back on top.

The South Korean tech giant is now believed to be reducing production for the Galaxy Note line. It may be the last for the fans of Galaxy Note. A September launch may be expected to be followed by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which may also come with S Pen support and an Under Display camera. The Galaxy Z Fold line may be Galaxy Note’s replacement in the future.


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