It’s been a month since Epic Games first launch on Android via the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. After a week, other Android smartphones followed to receive the game. It’s been highly anticipated since the mobile RPG has been ready on iOS for some time now. Fortnite was set to launch but we were warned release wouldn’t be through the Play Store. It did happen and it’s not from any fake site. Our excitement was built up especially after a related video was leaked.

The Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t available in the Google Play Store. That posed some issues and questions since a Fortnite Android installer can let hackers add malware. This has since been making some people worry especially after Google itself sent out a warning. And then there’s the problem of Fortnite being blocked on in-store demos.

More problems arise but we choose to focus on the positive while comparing Fornite with PUBG Mobile. By now, you probably have a favorite. For the fans of Fortnite, know that Epic Games is working on solutions to the issues presented. It still is in beta though so naturally, it’s not perfect.

But some good news, Epic Games has shared about 23 million people downloaded the game across platforms. Over 15 million gamers have installed the APK. That’s only from the invite-only phase. That is a lot of players from all over the world. It’s definitely challenging for Epic Games since it also wants Fornite to be played by gamers across platforms.

The goal is for Android players to enjoy a match with those in the console, PC, or even iOS. Several key optimizations have been made while a memory leak was once discovered. Epic also teamed up with other big brands such as Qualcomm, ARM, Razer, Imagination Technologies, and HiSilicon among others.

Much has been said about Fortnite but we’re hoping they will be more positive. Epic Games isn’t giving up so cross your fingers for further developments.

SOURCE: Epic Games