If you’re at all excited about Flipboard making a long-overdue appearance on Android, odds are pretty good that you’ve already tried out the APK ripped from the Galaxy S III. But soon enough more Android users will be able to get in on the action. The developers have stated that they intend to release a beta version of the app for just a few devices, in order to test out different screen resolutions.

The initial release on the Galaxy S III was intended to provide a seamless and unchanging experience for all users – and probably get a little extra publicity for Samsung as well. Flipboard didn’t say which devices it would be targeting with the beta program, or indeed when it will start rolling it out. When they do, they’ll probably resort to side-loading apps for testers, as has been seen recently with Spotify.

The reluctance to develop for more than one screen size or resolution at a time is a common trait among iOS developers trying to break into Android. I’m no dev, but I’d say that a complacency with a single screen resolution and aspect ratio has made them somewhat inflexible with their interfaces, reluctant to take advantage of Android’s built-in developer tools that account for just that. After all, developers for desktop platforms don’t get intimidated by literally hundreds of different resolutions.

The Flipboard APK is floating around the web at the moment, and will probably be best experienced on phones or tablets with a 720p resolution. Those in select countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia can try out the official version with the purchase of a new Galaxy S III.

Update: Flipboard has actually released the beta version for all Android devices. More info can be found at Flipboard.com and you can download it now by clicking here.

[via SlashGear]