Firefox Focus for Android

Mozilla has just released another update for Firefox Focus. This one delivers more user control while making sure their data are kept secure and protected while web browsing. Control and privacy have always been the promise of Mozilla and this Firefox Focus is one reliable product. By user control, we mean mobile users are given the liberty to decide which publishers and content providers they want to share data with. Users are also warned if there are possibly unsafe content.

Firefox Focus mobile browser for Android was launched by Mozilla last year. Several updates have rolled out including advertisers’ cookies being taken away, search suggestions, optimized design, and quick access to most visited sites and search engines. This time around, expect better privacy settings with the addition of Enhanced Tracking Protection to Firefox Focus.

The feature first hit Firefox for desktop so the Focus version has been expected. With this addition, you are free to choose to block cookies of all kinds.

Firefox Focus makes use of a Tracking Protection list. This prevents cross-site tracking. Firefox Focus also has an “allowlist” where you can quickly add sites so cookies and trackers are unblocked for a current visit.

The personal privacy browser is powered by GeckoView. The latter is Mozilla’s very own mobile engine. It’s being updated regularly so expect significant improvements in speed and performance soon.

Mozilla has also added in-browser security warnings to the Firefox Focus. The browser checks for unsafe web resources and informs you if there are risks. Take advantage of the search suggestions feature too because it is very convenient.

Download Firefox Focus from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Mozilla