Mozilla Firefox Focus

The gadget world will always look for the best and fastest mobile browser. There is no stopping the likes of Mozilla from improving on its products especially if we’re talking about a browser downloaded and widely used by millions of people. Firefox is one reliable browser but it could be better. The company has just introduced a new browser for Android called the Firefox Focus after being available for iOS since last year.

This Firefox Focus is simple and easy to use. It’s also fast, secure, and private so you don’t have to worry about your important information leaking. Since the browser has been tried and tested by iOS users, this version for Android is more than ready for your hardcore browsing needs. This one is lighter too that it can save your precious data and megabytes.

Focus features a clutter-free look so you can just “focus” on the important content on the screen. Sessions can be easily erased with one tap and you can opt not to be followed by tracking ads. Mobile browsers are usually slowed down by ads so it is advisable that you do away with them.

Firefox Focus boasts of new features for Android such as the Notification Reminder, Disable Tracker Blocker, and Ad Tracker Counter. You will see a counter to show how many ads have been blocked. Feel free to easily disable the tracker blocker with a click of a button. And once you’re finished browsing a website, Firefox will show a notification that you have to erase browsing history–to be safe from prying eyes.

Download Firefox Focus: Private Browser from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Mozilla