It’s been a while since we last heard anything about Energous. We remember the time when Energous WattUp tech promised true wireless charging as it would be the next frontier. A few years later, we’ve got word the company is doing well in the business with WattUp–a charging technology that is free of wires. This wireless charging tech routes power to different devices almost magically. Of course, there is science behind the tech which made wireless charging more convenient than ever.

The idea of wireless charging has been around since 2012 (maybe even earlier) but some tech companies have been slow in adopting the technology. We know WattUp and just recently, the FCC has given its approval to the WattUp Mid Field transmitter. This is the first certification for such device from Energous which means it can be used by other groups. It’s a big leap for the electronics industry to include wireless charging in most common mobile devices, smart appliances, and other gadgets.

The WattUp Mid Field transmitter has been tested rigorously by the FCC. It has met regulatory requirements and consumer safety so we know it can be widely used. This is good news for the consumer electronics industry as wireless charging can be a real standard quickly.

Future electronic devices can take advantage of the WattUp Mid Field transmitter. Any gadget from smart speakers to mice to earbuds to tablets to smartphones to smartwatches, and fitness trackers, the WattUp Mid Field transmitter can be installed on each of them. It’s easy to use as power can be delivered through radio frequency (RF). The idea is that a whole system can charge different devices simultaneously as long as within range. This means quick and easy charging if there is a WattUp base so the problem of having low battery will no longer be a problem.

Energous offers Wireless Charging 2.0. It allows juicing up of devices on any contact-based or non-contact-based wireless charging. It can charge automatically or as needed by multiple devices.

SOURCE: Energous