As wireless charging tries to become the new normal when it comes to getting power to our various devices, we need to have more options aside from just docks or mats or your car. During the recently concluded CES 2015, there were some products that tried to offer new ways of charging wirelessly, and one of those is called WattUp.

Instead of charging your smartphone or tablet or e-reader by plugging it on a wall socket or placing it on a charging mat, WattUp is wall-mounted and serves as a kind of “router” that can charge devices up to 15 feet away. The makers say it can charge up to 12 devices simultaneously, but of course the more you charge, the less power it can distribute. Four devices that are 15 feet away will be able to receive 1W of power but as you go closer, you will get more. But if you have all 12 gadgets within the field of power, they will receive just .25W each.

To manage power distribution, WattUp also has an app to help you out. You can set it up so that your smartphone or tablet will only charge when it has reached a certain percentage so that it will not automatically charge whenever you get into the range of the device. This kind of wireless charger can be pretty handy at the office if you don’t want employees constantly plugging their devices on your wall sockets. But if you have a lot of gadgets and family members at home, then it can also be handy (or wallsy).

WattUp is still not available for retail consumers, but Foxconn and Haier have already expressed interest in manufacturing the device or maybe using the technology for some other device. Let’s wait and see if this will be a new trend in wireless charging.

VIA: SlashGear