It’s not like the technology for wireless charging hasn’t been realized – it’s here. The issue is not so much inventing the technology as it is the means to actually mass produce products under a unified standard. We haven’t seen wireless charging technology roll out on a lot of products because of this. But an outfit called Freescale is trying to break that barrier.

Freescale is looking outside of the smartphone form factor towards tablets, laptops and the larger phablets – looking to put out a 15-watt charging pad that could be placed everywhere, like airline seats, coffee shop and restaurant tables, and even on your car’s console/dashboard.

“Today’s mobile products offer a broader range of features, functionality and form factors than ever before, requiring developers of wireless charging systems to accommodate larger batteries and enable faster recharge speeds. Freescale’s industry-first 15 W solution is engineered to address these evolving market requirements, while helping to streamline product development and unleash design creativity,” Denis Cabrol, director of global marketing and business development for Freescale’s MCU group, said.

As we have said, this is not new tech – it’s for real. It’s just up to Freescale to bring together the standards vying for leadership in this niche – which includes Qi, Wireless Power Consortium, and the Power Matters Alliance. And then come up with the charging pads for mass production. Soon, eh?

VIA: SlashGear
SOURCE: Freescale