When it comes to durability tests, we usually think of Zack Nelson (JerryRigEverything) or XEETECHCARE. There’s also TechRax with crazier tests like that knife and hammer test on a Note 7 and Blender Test. For the Samsung Galaxy S8, the phone already survived a Scratch, Burn, and Bend Durability Test. The latest test by TechRax pits the older Samsung Galaxy S8 against the new iPhone X. The phones are placed and viewed side by side so you can easily compare them.

First test to be viewed is the Drop Test. Watch the video below and which of the two show more cracks and survive.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Drop Test

By now, you’ve probably decided what new smartphone to get. The Android community has an edge on this one.

Water Freeze Test

The Samsung Galaxy S8 may be older but it definitely survives in this round.

Fire Burn Test

As they say, you can’t have it all. Not one device is perfect and fully reliable. The iPhone X survives the Burn Test here but is that enough for you to switch to the iPhone side? If you’re an Apple fan, you’d probably say this is a game-changer but no, it’s just one win. The first two videos show us very well how the Samsung Galaxy S8 fares against the competition.



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