You may be using a different cloud storage now but remember how you started with Dropbox. We’re reminded the first time we found it pre-installed on Sony Ericsson Phones back in 2011. The service has since received numerous updates. The most recent one was the Dropbox Professional tier being introduced for freelancers and creatives. There’s also the new Dropbox Paper getting new features, organizing tools, and integrations, as well as, the offline mode.

Dropbox Paper is getting another round of update so people can access their files easily from anywhere. The goal is a seamless experience from mobile to desktop with some additional features like mobile and calendaring. The updated app shows an improved UI you can access on your phone or tablet.

Editing tools have been enhanced on the Paper mobile editor. It now includes a mobile commenting interface, stickers for quick responses, plus full task creation with due dates and to-dos you can easily assign.

This Dropbox Paper adds calendar integrations for meetings. You can integrate the service with your Microsoft Outlook calendar. Note taking can be streamlined so you can easily share them with anyone. Feel free to also link events from your calendar to Paper docs.

Download Dropbox Paper from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Dropbox