While a lot of people already use Dropbox for their cloud storage needs, not that many are aware of their collaborative tool called Paper. But it’s a pretty neat tool if you’re working with a team and need constant editing, commenting, and basically collaborating with your teammates on documents and projects. The latest update to the app and service brings new design tool integrations, more organizational tools, and a new API endpoint so developers can integrate it into their apps.

One of the great things about Paper is that within the document, you can integrate partner content like Spotify, YouTube, Pinterest, Google, Soundcloud, etc, as you would sometimes need them when you collaborate. Now you can add design tools to the list, specifically InVision and Figma. You will now be able to embed content from those programs into your document. Sketch files can also now be embedded, and you can even preview them on the web so there’s a seamless experience between your Dropbox and your Paper.

For better organization, Paper also now has new tools to help you. You can now create new folders while on your mobile app and there are also now archive docs, tell members where to find them through notes, or just delete them altogether. You also now have Paper Doc previews when hovering over a file name or searching for the right document. You can also see recent comments on both Dropbox and Paper docs, see recently viewed files easier, and see unread activity, all from the dropbox.com homepage.

Dropbox is also releasing a new Paper API endpoint to enable developers to create or edit Paper docs in their own apps. This will also allow users to be able to use Paper within third party apps. Link to the API in the source below.

SOURCE: Dropbox