Just like the popular Galaxy Nexus we are now hearing the Motorola DROID XYBOARD tablets are also starting to arrive in stores and on the shelves at Verizon Wireless — only on shelves in the back room of course. Neither of these devices have an official launch date and are chillin in what I’d like to call “Verizon Limbo” because you know as much as we do at this point. Same probably goes for all the retail employees.

Verizon announced the tablets with 4G LTE earlier this week but failed to give any sort of launch or availability date with the slates. They also haven’t said a peep regarding the Galaxy Nexus. We have heard from our leakster the new date since the latest “delay” is December 15th, next Thursday (by the way). Between these tablets, the DROID 4, and the Galaxy Nexus they might be trying to figure out the best way to roll all these products out and that could be the cause for delay, but no one really knows except for the big boys from Verizon.

So while we still don’t have a release date for the new Motorola Xoom 2 tablets — named the XYBOARDS that rock 4G LTE at least they are in stores and should be available to demo shortly. Early rumors pointed the XYBOARD’s to a December 12th launch but with Verizon’s recent activities lately I’ll just go ahead and say that you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

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[via Droid-Life]