This mystical magical phone manufactured by Samsung and released by Verizon as the DROID Charge has been an object of some mystery as of late, having been sent out to reviewers (including Android Community) earlier than launch, a bit of a delay affecting the launch, then the device launching nationwide over this past weekend at locations like Verizon standalone stores as well as Target’s mobile section. Now, not a few days after its official sending-off party, the DROID Charge has its first over the air update. It’s not too big, but you should sure download it.

We’ve literally just loaded the update in less than five minutes and again, so should you. This update does a couple of things that you might find interesting, listed in the text and flyer below:

• A software change was made to the Media Hub application to prevent downloading content over the 3G network. This application will only work in the 4G network or when using Wi-Fi to ensure quality and speed.

• A pop up message was added to the Media Hub application to inform customers of the size of the download when in a 4G coverage area before downloading.

To get this download if you’ve not already seen it pop up on your phone automatically, head to Home” > “Menu” > “Settings” > “About phone” > “System updates”. There you’ll be greeted by the screen above and you’ll have a gay ol’ time moving on up.