As you may well know by now if you’re one of the folks waiting for the DROID Charge to come out, you’ve got an indefinite time ahead of you before it’s in your hands. On a nice trip to their local Target Superstore today one of our ravenous street team has sent us a few photos of what it looks like to cry and get so close, yet so very far away. At first glance it appears that Target does indeed have the DROID Charge in stock – in two places, mind you, but the truth is only about a foot away.

Above these standard phone displays, pictures intact, you’ll find a sign that lets you know that you’ll not be getting your beloved next step in the DROID line and second phone in the world to work with Verison’s 4G LTE network. Yes, the Samsung DROID Charge, they say, will not be in the store (or at least will not be available for sale) as long as this sign stands, Verizon Wireless still being the reason for the season of discontent.

You’ve got options, says the sign, if you’d like to get notified the moment the DROID Charge becomes available, you could get called, you could get emailed, OR you could talk to DROID DOES and have their website tell you too. To work with DROID DOES, just head on over to and wait in line. Meanwhile, if you’d like more information on this super device, we here at Android Community are glad to provide you with a full review!

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