We were just introduced to Android 8.1 Oreo and we know the Developer Preview is now available for Nexus and Pixel devices. The next Oreo update adds SMS Connect and as early as now, we know there are some installation issues. If you’re still making your way around the new Oreo version, make sure you don’t forget your PIN code. Never do a full Factory Reset either because according to one person who shared his situation, it will spell disaster.

Redditor Tom Bolger shared what happened to his Android 8.1 phone. He forgot his PIN and so he did a factory reset. It should be okay for most phones but after the reset, the device asked for a ‘Previously Used Secret’ and not for the Google account. He did the factory reset another time as suggested by Google support but the same thing happened.

This is obviously problematic because not many people remember their “secrets” or pattern code. Bolger failed to get into his phone and so he contacted the tech giant again who suggested him to get a replacement instead. Of course, a return merchandise authorization (RMA) must be presented.

We know this could just be a bug that can be fixed but it can be a hassle for mobile users. Well, one should always remember his PIN or password but as you know, it may not always be the case for some people. A simple factory reset shouldn’t have you remembering your secrets and more passwords. We’re crossing our fingers Google pays attention to this issue before more similar complaints are reported.

VIA: SlashGear


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