After Android 8.0 comes 8.1. While some Android users are only waiting for Nougat or Android 8.0 to arrive, the Developer Preview for Android 8.1 is now being prepped. We’re looking at a December release for most consumers. More devs just need to download the new version and test it themselves, as well as, make adjustments on their mobile apps.

One of the more important features in Android 8.1 is SMS Connect. This will be made possible by a new APK known as SMSConnectPrebuilt. The feature is said to be launched from an activity browser so you can set it up via a setup screen. It doesn’t have its own homescreen icon but once set up on your device, you can easily read SMS on your Chromebook. You can also respond to those text messages so you don’t have to bring out your smartphone.

We’ve seen and tried this function but not as a native program or application. This is one feature that will benefit more Chromebook users. It’s something very convenient to use. It makes life easier especially when you are always in front of the computer and still want to catch up with your text messages. When you need to type a long SMS, this will be good to use.

On your Chromebook, type chrome://flags on your address bar to “Enable Multidevice features”. You will have to reboot the Chrome OS-powered device. Once Chromebook has turned on again, you will see the SMS connect settings. Set up the program on both devices.

This particular feature may not be fully ready yet. We have no idea yet what devices will be supported at launch but it’s still on Developer Preview level. Expect to experience some kinks or a bit of delay in rollout on your device.

VIA: Ars Technica


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