Wirefly is famous for offering great phones at low prices occasionally. Back in June they had 20 Android phones all free. Obviously with a deal this good there has to be a catch right? These offers are only with a new 2-year contract. If you’ve been eying a new Thunderbolt you can get it now for only $99 as long as you sign a new 2-year contract.

Good deals like the one above don’t always last that long so you’d better hurry if you’re going to jump on this latest deal. The Thunderbolt is still an amazing phone and those blazing fast 4G LTE speeds sure help out its cause. As always Wirefly offers free FedEx shipping so you’ll be getting it pretty fast if you decide to order.

If you are having a hard time deciding you can see our Thunderbolt hands-on and unboxing for a better idea, or our man Burnsy wrote up a review after using the Thunderbolt daily for the past 3 months. You can see that entire review here as he explains why he still loves the phone and why you will too. Head over to Wirefly and get your own.

[via Wirefly]


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