I know Wirefly has been known to offer a few good deals in the past and often lowering prices on top tier phones to beat out the competition but this is an entirely new level. Just yesterday they were selling the speedy Droid Charge for $129 but today they have kicked it up a notch and are offering 20 Android Smartphones for FREE. Yes 20 phone all for free, but there is a small catch.

The small catch is this is for NEW subscribers only. That means if you are wanting to upgrade your existing plan, or upgrade your phone on an existing line these deals do not apply to you sadly. We know plenty people are looking to save money and possibly switch carriers so these deals are amazing for them. Remember if your out of contract you can cancel for no ETF and start a new account and get in on the deals. Otherwise if you are switching carriers or if I dare say getting your first cell phone these deals are for YOU.

Wirefly is offering 20 Android phones all for FREE, you must be a new subscriber and opening a new account with a 2-year contract to be eligible. Some of the free phones include: Motorola Droid X, HTC EVO 4G, myTouch 4G, EVO Shift 4G, Droid 2, Motorola Cliq, Samsung Transform, LG Optimus and even the Kyocera Echo. The list goes on but those are just a few that jumped out at me. If your interested in any of those phones head over to the deals page via the source link below.

[via Wirefly]



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