After a few teaser videos and screenshots over the past month or so the time has finally arrived and we now have CyanogenMod 7 for the HTC Sensation and EVO 3D. If you’ve been patiently awaiting its arrival you can now download and get to flashing this awesome ROM for your phone and we have details below.

For now this is still a early stage of CM7 for the HTC Sensation and EVO 3D and is currently just an alpha build. With the source not being available in the CyanogenMod source trees yet for developers to compile their own, it should be shortly. For those happy to finally have this (like me) feel free to thank +Keyan Mobli and his team for the hard work. Here are a few instructions below for those that might be new.

For starters as always this and any of the steps required will void any warranty you have so do this at your own risk. First you must unlock and root your device using one of two methods. Use the Revolutionary Tool that will also root and install clockworkmod as that is the easiest way, or go the official route and unlock your bootloader thanks to HTC’s new policies, then root and install CWM from XDA or another source like ROM Manager.

Once you get that far the rest is easy as pie just do a nandroid backup, wipe your device and flash the latest CM7 build for the Sensation or EVO 3D followed by the Google Apps add-on and you are all set and running smooth. For those wondering about benchmark results my HTC Sensation running CM7 scored around 2800 on Quadrant, before I could barely break 2300 if I was lucky.

For full details, change-logs and all the instructions from start to finish for both the Sensation and EVO 3D head over to kmobs Google+ at +Keyan Mobli for all the links and information.
CM 7 Sensation at XDA


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