In the US, there are only a few places where internet speeds are a problem, whether through wifi or 4G connectivity. But have you ever wondered if phone modems are all made equal? That is, are there wifi modems in smartphones which are faster than the others? A Youtube user “adrianisen” has put this to the test by testing a Samsung Galaxy S6, a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, an iPhone 6, and an iPhone 6 Plus via a wifi connection.

Some information before you view the video – which is pretty self-explanatory, by the way – we all should understand that these devices carry different chipsets. Sometimes even phone in the same line and the same model will have different elements, the modem may vary from one manufacturer to another. Let us see if that makes a difference. See the video below.

As you can see, the Samsung phones easily beat the Apple devices where the wifi connection is the same and the variables are pretty much controlled. Ping speed was slower with the iPhone 6 Plus, but fastest among the four with the iPhone 6. That said, there was a discrepancy of almost of 60 to 90Mbps for the download speed and around 40Mbps for the upload speeds.

Are these due to hardware elements? Or are these due to how the software runs the elements. If you noticed, the OOKLA Speedtest app actually started up slower on the iPhones than on the Samsung devices. This is not a definitive study, by any means, but you see the facts and you decide on which one product to use.

SOURCE: Youtube