We’ve seen a fair bit in terms of the Chromecast this week. Google released the long-awaited SDK earlier in the week and that prompted some updates. But while that release has brought a new potential for app updates adding Chromecast support, we do have to remember the Chromecast isn’t widely available as a device just yet.

New details coming from The Next Web brings talk of Chromecast availability for the UK. There has yet to be an official announcement from Google, however UK retailer Currys has offered details of a March 1st release date. Before anyone in the UK makes plans to run out and do some shopping on March 1st, there is a bit more involved here.

A Google spokesperson did address the UK release of the Chromecast and called the March 1st release date “provisional.” Simply put, it seems the release is coming up fairly soon, however it may not be happening on that specific date. Looking back through this past week, and along with news of the SDK, we saw updates from AllCast and Dayframe to name a few.

There has also been some talk from Beats and Rdio, though, as of this point in time neither has actually rolled out an update. That being said, while this is good news for those in the UK, we cannot help but think how much nicer it would have been had Google launched the Chromecast on a global basis right from the start.

SOURCE: The Next Web