Chromecast support has been somewhat limited since the initial release. Granted, some of the bigger apps have had support from day one. Not to mention, other apps, such as Plex, have been gaining support. But as of today Google has opened the doors for all developers as they have released the Chromecast SDK.

Simply put, this means developers will now be able to update their apps and add support for Chromecast streaming. And on the flip side, this means Chromecast users should soon have additional options when it comes to streaming content. Users should keep an eye on the Play Store for app updates, and also in the apps themselves — looking for the Chromecast button.

While we are keeping an eye out for announcements from individual developers, Google did offer a reminder about the list of Chromecast apps. The page can be found by surfing to and for now, still lists the same 14 apps that have had support. Along with support for individual apps, Google also has a Chromecast extension available for the Chrome browser.

Shifting from end user to developer, and it seems as if Google has stepped up with some further details. The Google Developers blog offers a bit more in terms of what type of content can be streamed and some sample apps. Lastly, for those worried about timing and having to re-write your apps — worry not as it was said the SDK is “simple to integrate because there‚Äôs no need to write a new app.”

SOURCE: Google Chrome Blog