Koush had some ups and downs when it came to Chromecast support with the AllCast app. But as Google released the Cast SDK yesterday, that meant developers were free to begin adding Chromecast support to their apps. That said, Koush did some updating and as a result — AllCast with Chromecast support has arrived in the Play Store.

The app is available in a free and paid version. Both versions offer support for a wide variety of devices (in addition to the Chromecast), however the free version is more a trial. First things first though, the support includes the Chromecast, Roku, WDTV, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Also included are Samsung, Sony and Panasonic Smart TVs as well as DLNA renderers.

The limitation with the free version is time-based. The app has a one-minute viewing limit on pictures and videos. AllCast is also able to stream music as well. And to clarify, we are talking about streaming music, video or images that are stored locally on your Android device. While use cases will vary, AllCast could offer a nice solution for those looking to share personal images and video with friends and family.

Otherwise, Koush also touched a bit on the process of getting the app updated after the release of the Cast SDK. Keeping in mind this will likely vary from developer to developer and app to app, however in the case of AllCast the implementation process was said to take “maybe” 20 minutes and was “very trivial.” With that, we now look forward to seeing more Chromecast related app updates in the future.

VIA: Google+, Google Play Store