As Google rolls out their Chromecast SDK, we are expecting a slew of apps to jump on board. If Twitter is any indication, both Rdio and Beats are working with Google to have their services Chromecast-able. Others are still on the fence — or noncommittal at best — about Chromecast.

Rdio tweeted yesterday that they were “working on developing support for Chromecast”, but deleted it after Engadget caught it. Now there is simply one that reads “Nothing to share at this time, stay tuned”. It’s probable that someone just tipped Rdio’s plans ahead of a proposed announcement, but could be a simple PR mistake.

Beats, the new service launched just a few weeks ago, is also getting on board with Chromecast. Sayign they’re “We’re working with Google to add Chromecast” via Twitter, Beats also encourages people to vote whether or not they actually want that functionality. Hard to believe anyone would turn down added utility, but it doesn’t always relate to being cobbled into an app. Spotify notes Chromecast is an “uncommonly popular” request amongst their fanbase, but is still not ready to add it in.

We hope these two services are the first of many to get Chromecast functionality. With home theaters being a great way to access music, Chromecast makes it really easy to enjoy music in big spaces. Depending on what else an app adds in, Chromecast could be a deciding factor for consumers when it comes down to making a subscription choice.

VIA: The Verge