A number or products and services have already received Chromecast support since the first model was launched in 2013. The second-gen came in late 2015 together with an Audio version. Since then, Chromecast has been integrated with more programs. We’ve also seen Chromecast Ultra but the upgrade was more focused on resolution as it is ready for 4K Ultra HD and HDR streaming. The technology continues to receive enhancements and is being added to more hardware like the Samsung Gear VR and Onkyo and Pioneer audio devices.

There is no official announcement from Google yet but one user reported that he could no longer use his Chromecast via hotspot from his phone. A user named as ‘No hotspot cast’ said he’s been using the setup for more than a year now but suddenly it was no longer supported. He was asking what could be done.

Others shared the same thing happened to them. A certain James Mosvick replied that “Mobile hotspots are not officially supported for Chromecast”. He further explained that the Chromecast “needs access to a secure, wireless network”.

The explanation makes sense because a mobile hotspot from a phone is not exactly secure. Everything worked fine until June 1 according to other users.

The issue seemed to be temporary as the person who reported the problem said he was able to fix it by uninstalling all Google play services update. The June 1 update should be enough to solve the problem. Looks like all’s well that ends well.

SOURCE: Google