We didn’t expect this one to happen but what do you know, the Samsung Gear VR is getting Chromecast support. The good news was recently shared by Oculus. With this move, users can share their Gear VR experiences with more people in the same room. The experience is personal but others can now see what you are seeing by simply casting the images onto a TV. You can cast the VR view in real time directly from the Gear VR headset.

To cast the Gear VR images, you must have the latest Android and the updated Oculus mobile app. You will see the familiar Cast button on the phone screen inside the VR headset, select the device where you want to cast, and then start sharing the VR experience. This Chromecast support will come in handy when you want to show off your shooting skills in whatever shooting VR game you are good at.

To make things more interesting, you can even host a VR party at home and ask friends to bring their Samsung Gear VR headsets and play whatever VR app or game they want to try.

With Chromecast support, the rest of the people in the room will not be left out. It is one social element of the mobile VR that the Oculus team wants us to experience. We’re guessing this is just the first of the many related features the company will be introducing in the coming months.

SOURCE: Oculus