Google has now created a special section in Google Play Store that highlights apps that can be used with its Chromecast device. While the addition is nothing spectacular, it does add a bit of weight to speculation that Google may be preparing for a wider distribution of its streaming HDMI dongle.

There isn’t really much to display on that page at the moment. Aside from Google’s own services such as YouTube and Google Music, the list of officially supported apps and services has been building up but quite slowly. The Chromecast device launched with Netflix support out of the box. Hulu Plus and Pandora followed suite last month, and HBO Go was the latest to add support just last week. Google also promised that it would be possible to stream media from local computers or devices in the future, but that day has not yet come.

It seems that Google is preparing for some rather heavy Chromecast-centric activities. Recent job postings seem to indicate that Google is looking into bringing the Chromecast to other places, particularly in London. While it is entirely possible to purchase the device from other places, officially, distribution is limited to the US. A hackathon for the Chromecast SDK has also been scheduled for December, which could see an influx of developers and third-party apps for the ecosystem.

The Chromecast was welcomed with positive reaction and hype, but it is still very much a niche market compared to Google’s other products. Despite this bout of news revolving around the device, Google’s plans and direction for Chromecast has yet to be clarified.

VIA: Engadget



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