With the addition of HBO GO to the Chromecast lineup, so begins a true fight for your HDMI input. Chromecast currently offers service from a Chrome browser, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, YouTube, and Google Play Movies. Aside from a few lingering holdouts, the Chromecast is now nearly as useful as a Roku.

What the Chromecast is not, however, is sold internationally. Google may be looking to change all of that, though, with a few new jobs. Listings for a Developer Advocate, as well as Technical Account Manager, both based out of London, point to Chromecast going across the pond. The Technical Account Manager is specific to Chromecast, while the Developer Advocate role simply adds rule to the fire, There is also a listing for a Product Marketing Manager, which mentions developing relationships with retail establishments.

We’re all very familiar with Google’s struggle with worldwide rollouts, as many services hit the USA before other countries. The Technical Account Manager role ties all efforts together, so having one specific to Chromecast is a strong indication the dongle is hitting the road. This person will essentially act as the liaison, including Developer Advocates and marketing people.

This doesn’t indicate it will happen any time soon, but it does tell us that Google is serious about strong implementation moving forward. At least international Google fans will get the same focus and attention we enjoy stateside, and that’s important. It’s also impotent that Google begin supporting those overseas customers just as strongly as they do here int he USA.

VIA: Talk Android


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