It seems that Google has finally gotten the ball rolling again on some of its other projects. Just yesterday it announced the availability of HBO Go on its Chromecast streaming device. Now we’re hearing that the company has scheduled a hackathon next month that will likely reveal much needed updates for the Cast SDK.

It’s been a few months now since Google launched the Chromecast to a very positive response, garnering no small amount of followers and hype. Out of the box, the device came with support for a very limited number of official streaming sources, which has grown very little to date. A Cast SDK was made available for developers, but its limitations left very little wiggle room for innovation and development. In some cases, even, Google’s updates showed a direction that seemed initially discouraging for developers.

Things might be changing soon, or at least recent movement on Google’s side make us hopeful. Google has apparently sent out invites to developers to partake in a Chromecast SDK hackathon on December 7 to 8 at its Mountain View headquarters. Among those invited is CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta, more popularly known as Koush, one of those who have developed third-party Chromecast streaming apps. Presumably, Google will be unveiling a better version of the SDK there. Hopefully, it will include a way to stream content directly from devices, a feature it promised would come in the future.

In the meantime, those who already own a Chromecast dongle might want to turn their attention to the official Android app for it. Google has just pushed out an update to the app that makes it easier to navigate the interface. The app will now also display the Chromecast MAC address, which should be useful in troubleshooting.

Download: Chromecast app on Google Play Store
VIA: Engadget