The HBO GO Android app was updated back in early-October and while it did add support for Android 4.3, many were disappointed by the lack of Chromecast support. Well, it appears as if that disappointment has come to an end this morning. An updated HBO GO app has landed in the Play Store and Chromecast support was mentioned in the changelog.

In fact, Chromecast support was the changelog. This is the only item changed and/or added this time around. Basically, moving forward HBO subscribers will now be able to use the HBO GO app on their tablet or smartphone to watch on a television with an attached Chromecast. This includes movies as well as series such as “Game of Thrones,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “Girls.”

With this HBO GO addition, the Chromecast support is now available for Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube as well as Pandora. We are still hoping to see additional services start offering Chromecast support, but for now it seems some of the essentials are covered.

Aside from using the HBO GO Android app, HBO subscribers can also send video using the HBO GO website running in Chrome, the browser or a full-on Chromebook. That said, those looking for this latest app update can fire up the Play Store on their tablet or smartphone, or alternatively, use this Google Play Store link.

SOURCE: Google Chrome Blog


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