More changes are coming soon to Chrome OS-powered devices. The Chromebooks especially are being prepped for major changes especially now that Google is determined to expand the category. We’re looking forward to that new Google Pixelbook to be released next week. We just saw the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 and the HP Chromebook x360. In the coming weeks, expect an update to roll out for Chrome OS as some changes were recently seen in the repository.

The listing says lock screen note taking apps will be enabled on Chrome OS devices with a stylus. This may be enabled by default and Google Keep is considered as the top application for this feature. Similar apps that allow stylus may take advantage of the feature once ready.

There is no formal announcement by Google yet but Google Keep has been mentioned at the update code according to a report. This means there is a possibility some apps could be launched without having to unlock the device. This further means note taking could be done without having to unlock the device or while still in the lock screen mode. This can be useful especially if you’re the type who always take down notes and write memos.

We’re expecting this change will be available in the next release of Chrome OS. Note that only those note-taking apps can take advantage of the lock screen note taking feature.

Opening an app from the lock screen is possible although with limitations. It can be done for convenience and speed but Google still needs to work on other apps and check for app security.

VIA: XDA Developer