A relatively minor update has been rolled out for Chrome Beta for Android, bringing with it a couple new features that are welcomed. Google posted a bit ago that it would be rolling out the update “later today,” and some users are reporting having already received it. If you’re still on the previous version, you should be seeing it any time now.

With this latest update, Chrome Beta for Android has received the latest variety of WebRTC, bringing with it the ability to finally chat face-to-face from your device with another via the browser, no plugins required. This means you’ll also now be able to play Cube Slam with friends using your mobile device, which was previously unavailable due to the lack of WebRTC support on handhelds.

Those who want to video chat over the browser with another can do so by heading over to the requisite page. And aside from the WebRTC change, there’s not much to say about the update, except that you’ll likely notice Web pages loading faster when using it. Google says version 29 aims to “improve the way you navigate and interact with the web,” and brings with it both bug fixes and performance increases.

This follows some of the other updates that have been rolled out in recent times, with new tablet features and fullscreen browsing being added in early April, followed by improved page rendering in the same month. Then in May we saw tablet support for fullscreen mode, as well as the Translation bar.

SOURCE: Android Community