Google has been keeping busy with updates to their Chrome Browser for Android, on both the BETA and regular version, and today we’re getting another to add to the list. After all the recent BETA features were pushed to the regular Chrome Browser yesterday, today the BETA version was updated with a slew of new features they’ll be testing over the next few weeks.

According to the official Chrome Changelog the new Chrome for Android will have a convenient little Translation bar that will automatically appear whenever a page isn’t displayed in the language set on your smartphone. You’ll instantly see the translate bar appear, and can then tap it with ease for instant translation.

The update also brings the same fullscreen feature recently added to smartphones, to our tablets. Why this wasn’t done at the same time is beyond me, but at least they finally added it. You don’t need to toggle fullscreen either, the omnibar just disappears as you scroll down. A quick swipe up and it returns for instant and quick navigation. They also added a fullscreen API for better support too.

Then for those who weren’t aware, Chrome has a bandwidth saving feature for those who browse the web a lot and don’t want to drain that monthly data limit from their smartphone carrier. The latest Chrome BETA has a nifty little graph that proves how much data your actually saving, so some will want to check that out. They’ve also made the error pages a little more mobile friendly, but that’s no big deal.

Google’s Chrome for Android just keeps getting better and better. Hopefully these features hit the stable channel soon, and we continue to see improvements across the board. Get it from the link below.

SOURCE: Play Store