Chrome Beta received a quick update this afternoon that finally added a few much needed features for our Android smartphones and tablets. They are pretty minor but both are features we’ve been waiting for and ones which should have been added a long time ago. We now have fullscreen browsing with ease, as well as simpler and easier search using the Omnibox.

Yay Google! It’s about time we get fullscreen browsing automatically added into Chrome. This should have been available on day one. Now when you start scrolling through a page it instantly goes into fullscreen mode and hides the top navigation bar. The toolbar fades but the slightest slide of the finger up again and it reappears for ease of use.

Slide your finger up and the toolbar returns to change website addresses, hit back and more. Now all we need are those pie-controls and I’ll truly be happy. Then today’s update also fixed a minor but frustrating way that the Omnibox search bar works. Before once you search you’d have to start over to adjust the search query, but now it stays up top and you can quickly edit or add to it. This is such a small thing, but makes searching with Chrome on Android that much easier. Take a peek.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 12.55.52 PM

According to the Chrome Blogspot they’ve also added client-side certificate support, and tab history on tablets. Just long press the back button on tablets to view your browser history quickly and easily. Goof stuff, get the latest beta from the link below!

[via Play Store]