Like many of you, we’re waiting for the new BlackBerry Priv to be delivered. Phone was recently made available for pre-order in both US and Canada so it’s only a matter of time before we get our hands on this highly-anticipated BlackBerry…err, Android phone. Okay, so it’s a BlackBerry and an Android phone at the same. Call it a BlackBerry or an Android phone, either way, it’s a new smartphone we’d love to test.

As expected, the phone is priced within the premium flagship range–$699. We don’t think price will go lower but let’s just see a few weeks or months from now, BlackBerry may be forced to do a price cut because of the stiff competition in the premium phone category (Just saying…).

To pump up the excitement, BlackBerry released two new promo videos on YouTube. The information featured are nothing we haven’t heard before but it can be pretty exciting to be teased over and over again.

From this first video, BlackBerry confirmed a number of things: like the 5.4-inch Quad HD dual curved screen with 540 ppi, the touch-enabled physical keyboard with SmartSlide, virtual keyboard with flick to type word prediction, 3410 mAh battery that offers 22.5 hours of mixed use, Schneider-Kreuznach certified 18MP OIS Dual Flash camera,  4K video recording at 30 FPS, and DTEK protection for privacy. 

BlackBerry reiterated that privacy matters in another video:

Priv is for Privacy so you can be assured that finally, here’s an Android phone that is safe, secure, and very private. BlackBerry already promised mobile privacy, security with PRIV. Believe that Android can be secure now with BlackBerry because the Canadian smartphone pioneer is known for reliable mobile security and privacy.

blackberry priv
Android really needs BlackBerry’s security and privacy. Or wait, is it BlackBerry who needs to enter the Android market?

SOURCE: BlackBerry