BlackBerry Priv sony camera sensor

We can’t hardly wait for the BlackBerry Priv because we’re interested to know if an Android-powered BlackBerry will sell. We’ve seen some leaked images just the other day together with some specs. It’s no longer a rumor since BlackBerry CEO John Chen already showed it off in a cringe-worthy interview. While it’s understandable that Chen may still not be familiar with the Android user interface, it’s supposed to be a show-and-tell session–the perfect time to market the latest BlackBerry device.

There’s a another rumor spreading that the BlackBerry Priv’s camera is a Schneider-Kreuznach and boasts of an 18 megapixel sensor–most likely a Sony IMX230 sensor. If it’s an IMX230 sensor, then it’s more than just 18 megapixels. It’s actually 21MP, the same sensor on a Motorola Moto X Style.

This is the same sensor used by the Motorola Moto X Style for the main camera on its back. This could also just be one variant because two pre-production models have been spotted. Maybe BlackBerry is just testing the waters, waiting for public response and hopefully some suggestions.

A certain @Ricciolo1 on Twitter proudly announced that the “BlackBerry Priv will sport the IMX230 Sony Sensor”. Until BlackBerry makes an official announcement, we’re regarding this Sony sensor on BlackBerry a rumor for now.

VIA: phoneArena