BlackBerry PRIV Android Security Bulletin

The BlackBerry PRIV may not be doing well in terms of sales but when it comes to mobile security, it is topnotch. No doubt about this as the smartphone pioneer definitely knows safety, security, and privacy. It’s also reliable when we’re talking about reliability and regularity of releasing software updates. Sometimes we wonder if BlackBerry can do it, why can’t other OEMs do so.

Google recently released its special annual report on Android Security. You guessed it right, a BlackBerry device is considered one of the most secure devices today. The BlackBerry PRIV was listed in the ‘Android Security: 2016 Year in Review’ published by Google. The whole BlackBerry team is proud of this achievement as it validates all their hard work.

BlackBerry has been aiming to offer the most secure Android software. As we all know, Android isn’t exactly the safest mobile OS. It is definitely useful and highly customizabl which makes it open to abuse. This is the second year that PRIV recognized as one of the four security leaders in the market providing Android users the “most up-to-date security available”. The other brands were Samsung, LG, and and OnePlus.

Google sends out monthly Android updates but it is up to the manufacturers or carriers on how soon they will release the new versions. Most OEMs are delayed but BlackBerry is always able to deliver on time.

BlackBerry is living up to its legacy of mobile security as it remains committed to device security. Releasing Android smartphones has always been the expected next step. The company finally and fully ventured into the business over a year ago. Even when it’s relying on three other licensees to carry the brand, BlackBerry is still able to release updates in a timely manner.

BlackBerry has the BB10 platform but Android brings the devices to more people. There’s already the PRIV, DTEK 50, and DTEK60. In the coming months, we can expect for the KEYone and Aurora. Some of the special security features that make BlackBerry phones secure include the Hardware Root of Trust, secure boot process, a hardened Linux kernel, Certicom FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic libraries, BlackBerry Secure Compound, and the DTEK by BlackBerry app.

To continue on with BlackBerry’s commitment to quick Android patching, the company also just released updated software builds. Check Settings> About Phone and see if the April 1, 2017 Android security patch level is there.

SOURCE: BlackBerry (1),(2)


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