As with tradition, BlackBerry is launching regular updates for its software and hardware offerings. Aside from launching the BlackBerry Aurora in Indonesia and BlackBerry KEYone, the Canadian phone company also introduced the BlackBerry Notable and the new Privacy Shade. It is a new app that allows any BlackBerry phone owner read personal messages, emails, or any other content with utmost privacy.

BlackBerry Private Shade conceals parts of the screen not being viewed actively. App simply hides information you don’t want other people to see even if they are looking over your shoulder. This way, you are free to look at the screen even when you are in public.

Privacy Shade can also be accessed through many different ways like in the Quick Settings, from a Convenience Key, as a Swipe Shortcut, or when you toggle BlackBerry Privacy Shade on or off. The main idea of this app is true to BlackBerry’s core belief which is to secure data with software whether personal or enterprise.

Other updates from BlackBerry include additional Hub integrations for Kik and Telegram, Email Auto CC/BCC Setting, Android Wear Notifications (beta), Hub items via Android Wear devices, Dual SIM support, Contact Linking and Cleanup, and OS Integrity Check on DTEK.

Download BlackBerry Privacy Shade from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: BlackBerry